-> What’s this all about. . . and who is this moron?


William Riggin
Carterville, IL
Contact me (or not) at: acro_2@yahoo.com

Acro-July 04.jpg
“ . . . a brief synopsis of my life. . .” Now there’s an invitation to a primal peeing contest. Oh well, here’s my entry for “My Little Thing’s Bigger Than Your Little Thing.”

USMC made me a “Viet-vet” and provided the GI Bill for Southern Illinois University’s Aviation Technology program and an aircraft mechanic license. Two years of helicopter maintenance on an offshore oil rig. Pilots license, with both power and glider ratings.


Seven years as a police detective (two years undercover narcotics) followed by twenty-one years and retirement from human resources management.

Forty + years of shared love with a beautiful, intelligent, Special Education administrator who, upon removing her career crusader’s cape each night, doubles as a wife and the mother of our two grown children. (Incidentally, that’s our 911S Porsche she’s driving – points in the contest!)


Memories of this adrenalin junkie:


Sharks and six-foot morays at Looe Key . . .

The Southern Cross on an absolutely flawless night a hundred miles south of Kauai . .

Large sharks in elkhorn coral at Sand Key . . .

Eleuthera’s northern reef . . .

Tortugas’ azure water and bright white sand . . .

Dominical’s deserted black sand beaches . . .

Odyssean adventure; San Isidro to Isla Del Cano . .

A Laotian ditch, filled with equal parts mud, fear, claymore clackers, and a six inch centipede with an attitude . . .

Love in a sleeping bag as a midnight thunderstorm echoed down a Sangre de Cristo canyon . . .

Front-pointing steep ice up Athabasca . . .

Thirty below nights on Uncompahgre . . .

Hundred foot summit cornices on Robson . . .


Free falls from twelve-five, full of youth’s immortality . . .

Blinding white sunshine at thirty thousand, in an ice-covered twin Comanche . .

Test flying three aircraft that I built . . .


The indescribable rush of a snap roll on the back side of a loop . . .

Thermaling the sailplane to eleven thousand . . .

The runaway-elevator sensation of climbing straight up through a cloud deck . .

Circling a water spout off the Marquesas . . .

And . . . I had a yellow raincoat once.


In addition to, or as amplification of the poetic drivel above – I offer a few comments.

I have always devoted time to recreation, the theme of which seems to change with age. I note that hobbies take a natural progression. Mine ran the course from the physical ability and immortality of youth to the more sedate wisdom (?) of my current 68 years of age; beginning with SCUBA, sport parachuting, mountain climbing, flying, and lately, motorcycle riding & working pit-crew on a professional road-racing team.

In addition to my serious “hobbies” I have developed an affinity for expressing my thoughts on paper (or CRT screens, as the case may be.) I have, at different times in my working life, written manuals for Underwater Rescue and Security Administration. The first followed my stint in the Marines while rather “deeply” involved with SCUBA diving, and the latter while working in the legal department of a corporation. When compiling that manual, my editor (the Chief Legal Officer) reamed my butt pretty well for “editorializing.” He was correct that an operational instruction manual was not the proper venue to express my personal thoughts and feelings; it was, however, what I really wanted to do. Hell, everyone has thoughts about everything, and my twisted sense of somewhat black humor, spawned several misguided adventures; two “underground” newspapers; hosting an Internet aviation “humor” forum; contributor to several aviation and motorcycle forums; articles for aviation, motorcycle and sailing publications; etc, etc., blah, blah, blah.

Hey, I like to write, okay?

In response to one of my posts to a motorcycle forum, someone commented that they enjoyed my comments and suggested I do my own website so I could share my thoughts with a less limited audience. Not having the technical skills, nor the inclination to develop them (read lazy and cheap) to produce a dedicated website, I “Googled” around and found the web log (blog) format. While not my favorite, it is easy and free.

I have divided up the postings into themes; Aviation, Motorcycling, and “Mower Clippings”, which begin life as a concept of a column I wanted to write, compiled of thoughts developed during the weekly, mind-numbing chore of sitting the riding mower. This has expanded to include thoughts one has about what passes for news as reported by our local paper, The Southern Illinoisan. Additionally, I might toss in a lost post about sailing or some such . . . who really cares?

This is a work in progress, and will most likely change frequently. Check back often as I am adding stuff daily.

Thanks for reading-



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    grande Bill

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