Okay, for those who have read 101 Uses For Napalm #2, I have a solution. (Well, click on the dang link and read it.)

The batteries in my precision tire gauge went belly-up the other day. Long shot, but looked at Kroger’s and Lowe’s where we had groceries and Lowe’s thingies to buy – no luck.

I have been procrastinating a Wally-World trip, as the latest store remodeling has left a nightmarish labyrinth where nothing  appears where it should.  As a side note – the last trip there was also for some small batteries – and I went to 4 different locations in the store where there were shelves of batteries. I finally gave up and asked. You guessed it – “What’s it for?”

I was then directed to a fifth location, where I did find the size battery I wanted.  I think I’ll plan a special trip to count the number of locations where Wal-Mart has batteries. But in the mean time, I did a quick “google” to ascertain the air gauge batteries were not some rare item that could only be obtained with a security clearance and  NASA purchase order. Google directed me to Battery Bob’s where I found a two page list of the electronic toys that these same batteries operate.

Now I can’t wait for the clerk to ask me “What’s it for?”

In response I could pull out the following list:

Fits: Mannix Digital Thermometer DPT300E Calculated Industries Qualifier Plus IIIx calculator SR44 Lithium LR44FE44 FR44 Performance Tool Co. Digital Caliper W80153 Sears Craftsman 2875114 Air Compressor/Inflator Nikon FM 10 uses two Taylor Digital Thermometer model 9840 Guide Gear Standard Tactical Weaver Laser Sight Breezy Singer Chirping Bird Temp Rite thermometer model 980N Arthur Court Duck Timer Nikon F3 Camera Nikon FG Camera Nikon EM Camera Nikon FE Camera Olympus 35 EC2 uses 2 HP Calculator HP10b HP Calculator HP11c HP Calculator HP15c HP Calculator HP16cHP Calculator HP42sHP Calculator HP32s HP Calculator HP17b HP Calculator HP17bii HP Calculator HP20s HP32sii HP10b HP11c HP15c HP16c HP42s HP32s HP17b HP17bii HP20s HP32sii Lux Win 100 thermostats Maxxima MF-43W Turntable light Micronta 22-165 Digital Multimeter Micronta 70/440VAC P-89 Voltage SensorPulsar Watch Model V701-9A00 FUNDEX GAMES Mexican Train board Audio-Technica Pro 24 stereo condenser microphone 6″ MITUTOYO Digital Vernier Calipers Model # 500-115 Mitutoyo 500115 Mitutoyo Oregon Scientific Pulse Monitor/Pedometer PE316PM Intermatic model DT27 Casio PQ10 Alarm Clock Texas Instruments Calculator TI1750 uses 2 Diamon Crown Precision Hygrometer personal cigar humidifier WELLGAIN Clock Model MS508 Texas Instrument TI30X Calculator Cen-tech digital caliper model number 93293 a knock-off of the Shopsmith 6″ caliper Music Book for children ShopSmith Digital Caliper Barbie Island Princess Doll uses 2 Fisher Price Rescue Heroes MSW LR44 CELL LR44 Casio Alarm Watch PQ-10-1R uses 2, Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Battery Scientific Calculator, Oregon Scientific Model PE316FM, Hewett Packard Calculator HP-27S, GE 51208 Personal Keychain Security Alarm uses 4, Sharp EL-531W, Metris Instruments TN002PC Mini Infrared Thermometer, Mews Ments 2 in 1 Laser Pet Toy Exerciser and Flashlight, Texas Instrument Calculator TI35X, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Calculator BA35, Xena XM 10 Xena, Xena XM10 Xena, Xena disc lock alarm for a motorcycle, Irwin 3061002 Chop Saw Laser Guide, Multimeter made by Wavetec model DM78A, Olympus OM4T camera, Frankford Arsenal Electronic Digital Caliper, Kettler Golf exercise bike, SmartyKat Loco, Zircon LaserBall 360 for leveling, Takara Motion Activated Bluebird, Sharp EL-5100S-T programmable calculator, Oregon Scientific OUTBREAKER Sportwatch RX 107 wheel sensors, Tiny Love Activity Ball, Accutire pressure R092000, Hewlett Packard, HP22, 4520003 Model PU-701 Pulse Meter, TI-30XA, Calculated Industries Real Estate Master IIIX Model 3405 calculator, Hach TDS meter, TI-60, Texas Instruments TI-60 Texas Instruments, Sharp Scientific Calculator EL506G, SYLVACELL GP76A Sylvacell, SYLVA CELL GP76A Sylva cell, Good Cook 25111 Thermometer, Sharp EL 509A Scientific Calculator Sharp EL509A Sharp, Digitech travel alarm clock ATC-401 Digitech, TI-30XA Calculator TI-30XA, Texas Instrument TI-30XA Texas Instrument, Beretta Model 92 Beretta, Casio FX250H Casio, Casio Calculator FX250H Casio Calculator, Hallmark Ornaments (Assorted Models) Tasco Red Dot Scope, TAYLOR DIGITAL THERMOMETER 9640A Taylor, Intermatic EJ500C wall timers, Intermatic EJ500C Intermatic, HP calculator HP-32s2, HP calculator HP-12C, HP calculator Hp-20S,ACCUTIRE air pressure gage Accutire, CEN-TECH Caliper #47257 Centech, CEN-TECH Caliper 47257 Centech, CEN-TECH 47257 Centech, LR44 PANASONIC LR44, LL44, A76 RW82, TI BA 35 CALCULATOR, HP11C, HP32SII, HP 11C, HP 32S II, HP calculator model 11C, HP calculator model 32S II, Hewlett Packard calculator model 11C, Hewlett Packard calculator model 32S II, Texas Instruments TI-35 Calculator, TI-35 Calculator TI-35, Techko model #S086C Techko, Techko S086C Techko, Texas Instruments TI35 Calculator, Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer, SHARP Business Financial Calculator EL 731, EL731 Sharp Calculator SHARP Business Financial Calculator EL731,Intermatic timer Model TB121 digital programmable timer, Intermatic timer TB121 digital programmable timer, Shack EC4030 calculator, Meprolight LED FingerLight 66111, Intermatic TB121, MAXELL CR 44, MAXELL CR44,EL531R, Sharp Scientific Calculator EL531R takes two LR44, Sharp EL531R, DT121C timer, Shimano Wireless bicycle computer SM-6501, HP 11C calculator, HP 12C calculator, HP 15C calculator, HP 16C calculator, HP 32S calculator, HP 32SII calculator, Sharp EL-506H calculator, SKIL Laser Level 610924433, EL733A, Sharp EL-733A Business Calculator, Instant read cooking thermometer Taylor model 9840, Taylor model 9840 instant read cooking thermometer, 63-911 Radio Shack, Radio Shack 63-911, Intermatic digital DT121C timer, Pedometer made by Yamax sw-701, Yamax sw-701 Pedometer Disney PIXAR Cars Tour the Town Play A Sound Play Boo, MiracleBeam Class IIIA Laser, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong II JR55, Redi-Check Model No. ET-3 Meat Thermometer, pH Spear meter 1211032 manufactured by Oakton, Oakton 1211032, Accusplit Pro Survivor stop watch, SUNCOM LR44 Sportline Stopwatch Model GW4203AS, Sportline Stopwatch GW4203AS, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Model WS-311M, Hewlett Packard HP-11c, Hewlett Packard HP-16C, HP-11C, HP-16C hex calculator, Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch, Sportline 350 Pedometer, Sharp EL-533, Intermatic Electronic Timer model EJ500, Intermatic Electronic Timer EJ500,Thomas the tank engine lights and sounds, Music N Lights Safety First Walker, Kolcraft activity center for the mini piano, TI-30XA Calculator, Stylus 08513 Micro RC Racer, Laserlyte Bore Sighter universal .22 – .50 cal, Telco Model S086N, Radio Shack Headset Microphone 33-3012 Radio Shack, Circuitmate DM78 by Emerson Electronics, HP 15C calculator, RADIO SHACK LR44, Yashica FXD Quartz SLR, SHARP scientific calculator EL-509A, mySportline talking Pedometer 343, HP15C calculator, HP 15C Calculator, Pyrex brand digital meat thermometer, PANASONIC LR 44, SHARP EL 506D, SHARP EL506D, SHARP CALCULATOR EL 506D, SHARP CALCULATOR EL506D, Sennheiser Shotgun video microphone, WESLO Cardio Glide, IntelliTEC WPT1000 Digital Water Purity Tester, LR44, HP 32S calculator, lavalier microphone audio technica, ATR35s, Radio Shack EC4000 Scientific Calculator, Dyna Trap insect trapper, Nikon FE2, Pentax K1000, Texas Instruments calculator model TI30XA Texas Instrument Calculator, HP 11C calculator, HP 12c calculator, Lord of the Rings Goblet, CheckMan Mini LCD Volt/Ohm Meter model DM 1000, DM1000, ACURITE model 13003 digital LED Alarm clock, ACURITE 13003 digital LED Alarm clock, 13003 Acurite, Hewlett Packard HP12C, Hewlett Packard HP-12C, Circuitrace DM73 digital multimeter, DM73, Circuitrace DM-73 digital multimeter, G13 C, Minolta Flash Meter III, Sunbeam Misquito Repeller, Sesame Street story books, Texas Instrument Calculator BA35, TI BA35 Calculator, The Pampered Chef Kitchen Clock/Timer, The Pampered Chef Kitchen Clock Timer, The Pampered Chef Kitchen Timer, The Pampered Chef Clock, Evenflo ExerSaucer, Nashbar Cyclocomputer, Baby Einstein Animal Melodies, Accu-Gage digital tire gauge, Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm XENA XM9, XENA XM9, LaCrosse Wireless Infra-Red Thermometer, BECKMAN DM78, CIRCUITMATE DM78, and these Calculators: Calculator TI-30X-A, and many toys, tools and portable devices.

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One Comment on “Solution”

  1. JJ Says:

    …..ya, mean it doesn’t fit a FLUKE DVM?

    …don’t forget to count the batteries in EACH check-out lane!

    rubber side down

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